I just read your latest installment and I never want to be an editor for any content that you or mom write. Whatever you feel or felt growing up is there and I know that you would never intentionally hurt either of us. I think that what the two of you are doing is fantastic and I only hope that it does get to be the basis for a book.
Please remember that today is a much different time than the 1960’s or 70’s. What did I know about “gender” roles having one brother and no sisters? What did mom know about boys having just one sister?
We certainly didn’t think much about gender as we tried to raise happy kids while both working to be able to give you and Mark some things we didn’t have growing up.Son, as you struggled in high school and college I struggled with my inability to say to you “Is there anything you want to talk with me about?”  If I didn’t know for sure that you were gay or at least wondering, I certainly had my suspicions. To this day I am sorry that I was not more open to you back then. If anything, I was afraid for what that might mean for you. The AIDS epidemic was a concern and certainly society’s view of gays was a problem. I apologize for never being the one to openly discuss this with you.I love you dearly and there was never a time that I didn’t.


CRD & Mom and Dad
Linda, Christopher & Bob on the Washington coast, Summer 1994 (shortly after Christopher came out).