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To Buffalo, with love

Christopher writes about a winter trip to Buffalo with Isabella, and the joy of connecting with family.

One of my favorite places in the city of Buffalo is the hill behind the Rose Garden next to Delaware Park Lake. It’s a beautiful spot, regardless of the season. Part of the park system built by the Olmsted Brothers, it’s all green grass and trees in the spring and summer, and white, white, white in winter. In spring, it’s one of the places winter-weary residents flock to enjoy the outdoors again after their long hibernation, and in fall the brilliant hues of the trees ringing the lake cloak the area in a beauty unparalleled in the city. Continue reading… “To Buffalo, with love”

God’s Hatred

Linda loves The New Yorker more than many things in life.  This week’s post is about her reaction to a recent profile article.  ENJOY!

A recent article in the New Yorker magazine tells the story of a beautiful young woman, Megan Phelps-Roper, who would hold signs that said “God Hates Fags” even at a very young age. A member of the Westboro Baptist Church, which taught a strict Calvinist religion focusing on a supposed literal reading of the Bible, she believed she was doing the Lord’s work. The Westboro Church was founded by her grandfather, Fred Phelps, who seemed to focus on homosexuality, using it as the lens with which to view the downfall of America, although Jews came in for bashing as well. Continue reading… “God’s Hatred”

The Dream of Unqualified Acceptance

Dear Mom,

My students have been reading and discussing the play The Laramie Project in class over the past several weeks. After gay college student Matthew Shepard was murdered in Laramie, WY in October of 1998, Moises Kaufman and members of the Tectonic Theatre Project travelled to Laramie and interviewed dozens of residents about what came to be known as a murder motivated by hate. Continue reading… “The Dream of Unqualified Acceptance”