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Catholic Charities & the Child Victims Act

Greetings all!

Yes, it’s been a long time. Christopher and I have been busy with other things.
Especially Christopher. A full-time teacher and dad makes for many demands.
Maybe I have just been a tad lazy. But we both have been working on our book.
We have engaged a great editor, Jennifer Hager, who has read the completed
manuscript carefully and given us great feedback. We hope we are on our way to
publication. But books, like children, teaching, life take time.
In the meantime I have to share with you my great outrage. Just yesterday our local
diocese of Buffalo, NY made an announcement. They are going to fire all
pedophile priests? They are going to bring legal charges against them? Oh NO. In
fact just this spring the day after the Bishop was forced to publish a list of 40 some
priests who have had assault accusations against them, he went off to Albany to
lobby. The target of his concern? The Child Victims Act which would have
extended the statue of limitations in New York State Law so that persons who were
sexually abused in their youth could now bring charges against their abusers. That
he did quickly. Lobby against it so the Church would not incur any more lawsuits.
But concern for those abused by priests seems last on his agenda.

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