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To Buffalo, with love

Christopher writes about a winter trip to Buffalo with Isabella, and the joy of connecting with family.

One of my favorite places in the city of Buffalo is the hill behind the Rose Garden next to Delaware Park Lake. It’s a beautiful spot, regardless of the season. Part of the park system built by the Olmsted Brothers, it’s all green grass and trees in the spring and summer, and white, white, white in winter. In spring, it’s one of the places winter-weary residents flock to enjoy the outdoors again after their long hibernation, and in fall the brilliant hues of the trees ringing the lake cloak the area in a beauty unparalleled in the city. Continue reading… “To Buffalo, with love”

Letter of Hope

Mark sent me a little book for my birthday called “Letters to My Grandchild.” I was looking at it to see if I could write something for the grandkids. One of the topics grabbed me: “One Positive Change in the World I have Witnessed.” However, I feel strongly about two changes. So this is for my Seattle grandchildren, though I hope the Silver Spring ones will read it too. Continue reading… “Letter of Hope”