Revised edition with an AFTERWORD written by each author.


When Christopher came out to his parents in the mid-1990s, they did not disown him or force him into conversion therapy.  When Linda had her feminist click around the same time, she did not leave her husband or her religion.  Their worlds did not change completely, and yet they were turned upside down. 

Wandering Close to Home, a collaborative memoir written by a feminist mother and her gay son, chronicles the deep and abiding love that exists between the two authors, and examines how their relationship allowed each to persevere through difficult personal change. 

Told in alternating chapters, the stories in this book  provide a road-map of how to question, be truthful, seek grace in honesty and stick together as a family in love.


photo: Nancy J. Parisi

Wandering Close to Home, a memoir of personal transformation by Linda Drajem and her gay son Christopher Drajem, reveals the universality of human longing: for connection, meaning, and above all, love. It is our hope that these touching stories will give closeted gay men everywhere the strength to come out, find happiness and, like Christopher, perhaps even start their own families.

Brian Rosenberg and Ferd van Gameren, founders of “Gays With Kids”

Wandering Close To Home is a beautifully written book by a mother and her son as they begin to live honestly in their lives. It is a journey that is oftentimes confusing, painful and frightening. Beliefs are challenged, relationships tested and unconditional love is the force that allows both mother and son to live in their truth.

— Barbara Velategui, Educator

A thoroughly compelling story of a family ́s very personal journey. A RED RIBBON WINNER and highly recommended. ~The Wishing Shelf Book Awards