Proud to announce that our collaborative memoir is getting noticed!

Wandering Close to Home

A Gay Son and His Feminist Mother’s Journey

to Transform Themselves and Their Family

Here’s what readers are saying:

Wandering Close to Home, a memoir of personal transformation by Linda Drajem and her gay son Christopher Drajem, reveals the universality of human longing: for connection, meaning, and above all, love. It is our hope that these touching stories will give closeted gay men everywhere the strength to come out, find happiness and, like Christopher, perhaps even start their own families.

-Brian Rosenberg and Ferd van Gameren, founders of “Gays With Kids”

Mother and son have done a superb job of sharing their lives against the backdrop of the changing culture of the last fifty years. Linda was telling my story too as far as growing up Catholic and response to the Women’s Movement. And Christopher’s honest and sensitive story of his struggle with his sexual identity expanded my understanding of what it means to grow up gay. This book can help so many families! It was inspiring to see the close and inspirational relationship of mother and son and, truly, of the whole Drajem family.

-Patricia C. McClain

The story we’ve set out to tell in this book is about our own individual evolution, how we pursued paths that were uncharted and filled with obstacles but we knew instinctively we needed to undertake.  It is also a story of our mutual support and encouragement.  We decided to let one another in, to share the journey with one another and to become travelling partners. Here is our travelogue.



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