Dear Christopher,

I just re-read your entry from last week. I finally have a minute to myself after some hectic days. Wow.  I feel so honored and privileged. You did make me cry.  And made me remember those moments we had together.  Yes, I do remember lots of chats and lots of laughs too when I wrangled you into helping me with an activity.  Maybe wrapping Christmas gifts or even seeing an inappropriate movie!!


Family of FourTime seems so short now. I suppose it is to everyone of my age. I cherish those past times we had together as a family. I remember seeing you and Mark learn to water ski from Joe Leone’s boat. It was great seeing you guys learn to do something I was sure I would never do. I felt confident of your swimming skills since I dragged you both to swimming lessons in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in a car without air conditioning.   We all three sweated our way to the Y and back.

Then there was the poor turtle that fried in the back seat while we went into a store. Like your daughter, you always wanted a pet. We went from turtles to fish to the bunny. I know you wanted a dog, but we always had the excuse of your allergies. Plus Dad said he never wanted the responsibility of a dog. Can you believe that now Dad actually enjoys taking your dog for walks? Surprise, surprise!! He pets Moe and rubs her ears. His granddaughter’s love for dogs has made him a convert.Family Portrait

Yes, do try to savor those moments with your kids.  We have these times together for such a short time.  I know Jordan and Isabella will remember with great fondness the camping trips, the nature walks, the vacations among a thousand other experiences.

Ten plus years ago when you called to say you just brought home this darling baby girl, I knew you and Patrick would be super parents. Over the years I have observed you both up close in wonderful and in trying situations. Never for a moment have I doubted you. If I helped you take on the nurturer role of parenting then I am doubly honored, even thrilled.

Our time together is so valuable, especially when we all get to go away for a weekend trip, and just hang out with you guys and the kids. In addition the whole family vacations with Mark and Barbara and the kids make for such a special time. I remember my mother would look around the dinner table when all of us were together and count heads when the phone rang. Then she would beam, and say, “All my family is here.” Well now I understand. Thanks for making those essential family times happen.

Love, Mom